Not all shoots go according to plan weather-wise👇🏽

In reality, a lot don’t. But either way I always strive to create a beautiful experience. On a wedding day not everything goes to plan and that’s not new news.

John & Ann planned their engagement for yesterday and when I woke up there was grey clouds everywhere…Not exactly what we were after. What we envisioned was a beautiful sunset with pinks and blues, but all we saw was grey clouds.

On the drive there, 10 minutes out, it began to rain. However, we were still adamant that the weather would pull through, being hopeful for a break in the clouds.

What we got was breathtaking. It stopped raining as soon as we got there and didn’t start until we left. The clouds opened up and golden light came through ✨

They took some time alone, when we got to the waterfall. Talking about their elopement. Soaking up the rolling hills and anticipating the golden light to peek over the horizon.

This day went so smoothly and beautifully because of the unique experiences I’ve had handling different weather on shoot days. That means having planned backup locations, being flexible with shooting time, keeping up to date with condition reports, road closures, and ultimately being quick to act.

Being able to make the best out of any situation is so vital, and having John and Ann’s positivity spelled just that. These guys are so special! Theres so many gems they shared with me and I’m sure this marriage is going to affect a lot of others in a powerful way!